Who is Sanaya? Suzanne Giesemann answers:

Who is Sanaya? Suzanne Giesemann answers: "Sanaya (pronounced "sah-NIGH-ah") has told us that she is a collective consciousness of minds with both a feminine and masculine energy. This energy comes from a higher dimension than our own. When I bring through Sanaya's words, I am "tapping in" to Higher Consciousness. I am allowing that Consciousness to express itself through my body: through my brain, through my vocal cords, my arms, my hands, and also through my pen. Sanaya would not need a name, except for our human need to put labels on things and place our experiences into well-defined boxes. Sanaya takes us outside the box into a dimension where we come face to face with our higher selves. To hear the words of Sanaya as they come through ... to sit in the presence of that energy ... is a palpable experience of higher vibration ... of love. To read Sanaya's words can have the same result when you tune in to that finer energy as you read." (To read the full explanation of who and what Sanaya is, click here.)

Sunday, December 21, 2014

With Understanding

Perspective is everything.  Do you realize that a person’s anger and cruelty are a result of their pain?  And what is the cause of that pain?  The great distance or disconnection from their true self … from Love.  Those in pain may be the last to admit this, for many have buried their past hurts so deeply that they know nothing but anger or cruelty.  Those who know love can often not conceive of what it is like to know not love and to have been treated brutally.  Imagine such a situation when all one has experienced is darkness.  Now surround the one in that situation with light.  That is compassion.  It is born of empathy.

Return not anger with anger, but with understanding and love.  Yes, deal with inappropriate actions appropriately, but infuse the situation with what is missing … with love.

Saturday, December 20, 2014


Perfection … such a limiting word.  Perfection is part of your world of duality, for in your mind it has an opposite.  Perfection, therefore, boxes you in.  How do you know what perfection is?  This is a human concept.  What if you saw all as perfect?  Yes, we know that in so doing you are giving definition to the word, but try to feel perfection without defining it. 

Perfection is a state of mind.  Can you be satisfied knowing you have done your best?  That is perfection.  Feel that.  Can you be at peace when a thing does not look or turn out as you wish?  Ah, perfection.  Let go of rules and concepts and know that all is in perfect order all the time.  That is perfection.

Note from Suzanne:  The link I included in my announcement yesterday about my SOAR course being available online did not lead to the video/landing page.  The correct link is www.SuzanneGiesemann.com/soar   As Sanaya reminds us today:  all is in perfect order!  :-)  xxoo

Friday, December 19, 2014

Are You Ready to Let Your Spirit S.O.A.R?

DVD5From Suzanne:  My "Let Your Spirit S.O.A.R! course is now on video! Spirit truly collaborated on this project, and you will FEEL the energy. Thousands have kick-started their personal transformation in my workshops, and now I share the info one-on-one with you. Please take 4 minutes to watch the video that describes the course and let YOUR spirit tell you if this is for you: http://www.suzannegiesemann.com/soar/


Is Santa Claus real?  Yes, quite real.  As real as you are.  He exists as a concept, an entity in Consciousness, the One Mind, and you carry out his actions, do you not, giving gifts and bringing smiles.  Is the Christ real?  Yes, as real as you are, and you carry out his actions, do you not, playing the role of the Comforter and modeling loving kindness.  Is Buddha real?  Yes, as real as you are, and you carry out his thoughts and actions, do you not, bringing peace to those around you. 

Forms of Consciousness do not need physical form to be “real.”  They may have walked the earth or they may never have existed in human form, but because they are held in Consciousness as distinct “forms” they live on in your consciousness.  All is a play of the Mind, and you have the great honor—and if you choose to see it this way—the great responsibility to carry out the legacy of those who truly modeled Love, to be their model in human form.  Your choices are limitless.  Who will you model today?

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Making Every Moment Count

Why is it that you do exercises and rush through them? Are you simply trying to get them over with?  Why do them at all?  In doing a thing quickly and shoddily you barely reap the benefits.  We use this as an example, but it applies so much to human nature in general.  You go to great effort to start an activity, and then you shift your focus elsewhere or do not apply yourself fully.  The result is less than optimal.

If you are going to do a thing, be with it.  Notice how often ego tries to distract you, keeping you always seeking greater pleasure, when the greatest pleasure is simply being.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

One Thought at a Time

All that you see is an expression of God ... of Spirit … of Consciousness.  How could it be any other way when there is none other than God?  You do not resonate with what you see?  Could it be a use of free will gone awry?  Could it be a lesser evolved soul still learning?  Somewhere in all that you see can you find the Divine?  Start with yourself.

There is no-thing that did not originate in Spirit.  No-thing is truly real in the sense that you know it.  All is a projection of Consciousness—the Mind of God, as are you.  What are you projecting?  What have you called into your consciousness and for what reason?  Are you not at peace?  Claim your divinity and call unto you the full power that is yours to change it, one thought at a time.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014


No other’s words can make you feel a certain way, good or bad.  How you feel in response to one’s words is always, always a result of your interpretation of them.  Should another be radiating less than positive energy, you may be sensing this at a non-physical level and this is felt in the physical body as discomfort.  If one does physical harm to you, then of course you would feel this in a less than positive way.  When it comes to words, however, you have instantaneous control over your reaction.

How often do you say, “Oh, she makes me so mad,” or “He makes me feel so good.”  Reexamine these beliefs if you wish to find peace.  In regards to verbal exchanges, all comes back to your thoughts.  If you are feeling bad, get to the root cause.  This is a simple lesson today—one of the most basic—but because of ego’s influence, it is also one of the most difficult to remember.

Monday, December 15, 2014

All You Need

Pray not for what you would like.  Pray not for what you desire.  Pray to be the clearest possible instrument for Spirit—for God—to flow through you.  God is Infinite Intelligence.  God is pure Love.  God is Omniscience and Omnipotence.  How could such a Power not know what is best and what is needed for you at this moment?

Praying for God to give you anything at all or to change things to the way you desire them is limiting Omniscience.  What if you were to know and trust that Spirit IS and Spirit knows what is best in the long run?  This take trust.  This takes faith.  Surrendering and allowing take faith, and trust, and simply knowing that you exist and are having these life experiences for a reason.

“Oh, God, Infinite Being, I AM your instrument, and I thank you.  Allow me to trust so that I allow You to flow through me.”  This is all the prayer you ever need. 

Sunday, December 14, 2014


Expectations set you up for a fall.  Yes, we have spoken on this topic before, but we cannot stress this too strongly.  If you had no expectations and simply allowed life to flow, your life would be far more peaceful and the outcome just as great if not greater than any you could envision or expect. 

Set an intention for your life or a certain event or experience to unfold for the greater good, and then let it go.  Expectations set up a vibration that limits outcome.  Be free.  Just be, and come into alignment with your Highest Self.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

A Clean Slate

The holidays … some look forward to them with great anticipation and some dread them.  What a perfect example of how thoughts directly determine your experience.  What is a holiday, but a date on a calendar associated with time, which is nothing but an artifice to allow you learning opportunities.  How can a date provide such variations of experience?  For the thoughts you associate with it are based solely upon your memories and beliefs. 

What do the holidays do to you?  Absolutely nothing.  What do your thoughts do to you?  Absolutely everything when you allow them to dictate your experience. 

How would you like to experience the holidays this year?  Take control of your life instead of allowing life to control you.  Wipe the slate of your mind clean, which you can always do at any moment, and design the perfect holiday for yourself.  If that holiday is filled with love and compassion for yourself, that is a good way to start.

Friday, December 12, 2014


You wish to raise your spirits?  Move your attention away from the self and focus on those around you.  Choose one who appears in need of a smile and give them one.  This simplest of actions—not the smile, but the shift of focus from self to Self—will move you from the trap with which ego so often ensnares you. 

All humans face challenges.  In this you are not alone.  By helping another to lighten their load you lighten your own.  It is that simple.  Yes, of course you know this, but do you see how ego keeps you trapped:  In focusing on your own concerns you forget the simplest of gifts.  In giving to others you give to yourself.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Dec 10 Vlgs 022Note from Suzanne:  The latest public session with Sanaya contains a discussion of a highly useful mantra for coming more into alignment with one's spirit.  The full transcript and a recording of the session are found as the first entry in the list under "special sessions with Sanaya" on Suzanne's website:  http://www.suzannegiesemann.com/sanayasessions/

Throttling Back

Sloth.  You know this as laziness, and with this word comes what to you is a lower vibration.  But what of the animal by the same name?  He is a slow-mover … actually a bit of an adorable creature who does little harm to others and is quite content to hang around and observe with a bit of a smile on his face.  It might serve some of you well to slow down a bit and be sloth-like for a while.  This constant going and doing allows little time for simply being.

“Oh, but who has time for that?” you exclaim in your exasperated state.  And how did you get into that state?  What beliefs told you that being a sloth is a bad thing?  Envy the sloth,  and then try mimicking him for a while, if only for a short while each day.  Do nothing, and then, that which you do, do it slowly and simply observe.  What you observe—most especially in yourself—may astound you.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

With Just a Bit of Effort

Judgments are obstacles to the soul’s growth.  Beware now that you do not judge yourself for judging.  That is the ego’s trap, to keep you in judgment.  It is the human way to judge polarities:  good or bad, nice or despicable, and with these judgments come feelings and emotions which are of the body, not the spirit.  To focus on and develop the spirit takes a deliberate effort, which is all part of the learning game. 

If raising your consciousness—the entire purpose of you being human—has come into your consciousness, then be aware of how often you judge and who you judge.  Most often these are merely habits.  With a little bit of effort and intent you can rise above the human tendency to judge and merely observe with the eyes of spirit.  From this viewpoint all is neutral and there is nothing to judge.  There are only opportunities to apply the healing balm of love.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014


Pick up a stone from a river bed and feel its smooth edges.  How did it get that way?  From years and years of having water flow across its rough surface.  Do you feel at times as if you are being worn down by life?  Or could all of these lessons—challenging as they are—be a way of smoothing your rough edges … polishing your soul until it shines?

Life need not always be so difficult.  Much of how you handle it is dependent upon your reactions to your challenges.  Do you stand up and fight, or do you let the rushing water flow right off your back?  Embrace the flow of life.  There is purpose in all around you and purpose in you being here.  Go with the flow.

Monday, December 8, 2014

The Best You Could

As you awaken more and more to who you are and why you are having this experience, you will look upon past thoughts and actions and recognize the cause of behaviors which now you would not repeat.  From your new perspective you can understand why you thought, spoke, and acted as you did, so we ask you to maintain this new perspective born of a higher consciousness and judge not your past.  Feel no regret, no embarrassment, no disdain.  See with the eyes of the soul which now guide you and see yourself—your less awakened self of the past—only with compassion and understanding … the same compassion and understanding you would have for a child who is growing and learning. 

There now.  Self-nurturing … it comes as a result of waking up and growing up.  Be kind to yourself.  You might say, “you are only human,” but it is precisely the remembrance that you are more than human that has allowed you to put your past actions in perspective.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

See Me Now

“If you could see me now …”

We ask you to picture your loved ones on the other side, arms outstretched, and a smile on their face.  Picturing them thus is far less painful than focusing on the past or on their loss.  Doing the latter causes a release of chemicals in the body which results in physical pain in the heart area.  Certain emotions do this.  Thoughts are quite powerful.  That pain in the heart will keep you stuck in thought patterns as the body becomes addicted to this feeling. 

Picture instead the good times and immediately transfer that physical feeling to the knowing that your soul has of your loved one’s ongoing presence in your life.  “If you could see me now …” they say, and now flood that heart space with love.  This is a different kind of feeling than pain.  It comes from the knowing of the soul that you are still as one and always have been so. 

Clear the head of the recurrent thoughts which trigger pain and hold the intention of finding this knowing of the soul that brings peace.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

That Which Lasts

It is quite easy to become seduced by human charms.  These come not only in the form of charismatic persons, but in fancy things and gadgets that appeal to the eyes and other senses.   There is nothing right or wrong in this.  Enjoy them while you are human, but do not become so caught up in the seduction that you forget there is another reality.  In that reality all that matters is love.  In truth, the same rule applies in your reality. 

Seductive goodies exist around you now, and so they can actually serve as yet another test.  Appreciate them.  Have fun with them, but ask yourself frequently, “What is real?”  The answer is:  that which lasts … that which never goes away, never breaks, never fades, never dies.  Only Love is real, and You are That.

Friday, December 5, 2014


Body, mind, and spirit … in this reality in which you find yourself, they work together.  Spirit and mind express themselves through the body.  You say, “Listen to your body.  What is it telling you?”  This is good advice, but the body does nothing on its own.  You are far more than the body.  It is directed by the other two team members.  Spirit is at work all the time and all around you, but in this dimension it is often unnoticed without body and mind.  Mind appears to make decisions and choices, but these are for naught if not impelled by spirit and enacted by body. 

All is a team effort, as is everything in your world.  Were it not for your personal team’s interactions with other teams around you, little would be accomplished and growth would be stymied.  Listen to your body.  Use your mind to make the highest choices.  Honor the spirit, and then see these three aspects in all around you.  This view changes things, and change—most especially in the direction of growth toward love—is the name of the game.

Thursday, December 4, 2014


Why do some die young?  The answer, if you truly want to understand it, requires that you understand the purpose of all Life.  Life goes on in multiple dimensions, not just in the experience as human beings on Earth.  All beings in all dimensions are extensions of the One Consciousness extending Itself for the experience … for the growth to be had.  And so, all of life is about increasing one’s capacity to Love, for that is the essence of this Force.

Why do some die young, and some die in middle age, and some die old?  For the variety of learning opportunities that this variety offers.  If all died at exactly one hundred years of age, this lack of variety would impede the growth opportunities.  Does not much soul growth come from the uncertainty of when a soul will depart this physical experience?  Does not much soul growth come from what you perceive as your greatest challenges?

Know that those who die young most definitely do go on.  They go on learning and growing and loving in other realms whilst keeping up with your growth here on earth.  You are still together, for what Love has brought together, no physical absence can keep apart.  You will be with them again in a similar dimension.  At a soul level, you are together now, but for now, whilst you remain in human form, you are simply experiencing different growth opportunities. 

Love.  They brought more of it into this world and it continues on because of them.